One Integration, Thousands of Connections

Plexus’s standardised, open API connects developers to banks and the tools to build data aggregation and payment solutions across a range of use cases such as personal financial management (PFM) and multibanking, and peer-to-peer (P2P) and business-to-business (B2B) payments.

By Developers for Developers

Plexus is built with the developer’s convenience in mind. You can integrate to our platform within couple of days or even hours. Developers are able to test different flows before going Live, using Plexus Testing Environment.

How it works

To start making Plexus API calls, developers download the latest Plexus and set up a client.

To start accepting payments or accessing information using Plexus, developers first create a Plexus member account and the back-end service will use this member’s credentials to initiate API calls and request for payments and information access.

Plexus is designed to take advantage of asymmetric cryptography, eliminating the need for credentials and shared secrets and offering significant security benefits over schemes such as OAuth. End-to-end security eliminates the risk of mass credential leakage, and allows authentication and verification of requests at each step of the process.

Simple, beautiful user experience

Our front-end module is easy to drop into whatever you’re building and designed to optimize conversion.

Easy Deployment

Banks integrate with Plexus using Plexus’s rich, yet simple bank integration SDK

Whether you use Plexus for compliance and/or to accelerate growth, connecting your banking infrastructure to Plexus is easy using our simple, secure SDKs. For PSD2 compliance, Plexus provides the open APIs, handles consent management, SCA, exemptions, monitoring and reporting.

Banks typically deploy and are compliant in 90 days. The ongoing PSD2 compliance obligations are managed by Plexus for your bank.

Security and Certification

Plexus is a leading global financial provider that adheres to the highest international standards of privacy and security. The company is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, as well as PCI DSS compliant. Plexus performs regular internal and external vulnerability assessments, security audits and penetration tests, executed by certified security service providers.

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